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Planning: Types of Bones

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What is the femur?


Introducing Bones:
  • How many Bones
  • Types of Bones
  • What they are connected to
  • What group the are associated with

There are axial and appendicular bones.
(The appendages are the arms and legs, which contain approx. 30 bones each.)

There are typically 22 bones in the head.
There are 33 bones in the spine.

These include:

external image 12by12_spaces.gif 7 cervix (neck);

12 thorax;
external image 12by12_spaces.gif 5 lumbar;
external image 12by12_spaces.gif 5 sacral;
external image 12by12_spaces.gif 4 coccyx.
The pelvic girdle is fused to the sacrum at the sacro-illiac joint.
The pelvis is the part that is added onto the spine.
The thorax (chest) consists of 12 pairs of ribs:
external image 12by12_spaces.gif 7 pairs 'true' ribs (joined directly to the sternum ("breast-bone"));
external image 12by12_spaces.gif 3 pairs 'false' ribs (joined to the sternum ("breast-bone") by cartilage);
external image 12by12_spaces.gif 2 pairs 'floating' ribs (not connected to the sternum ("breast-bone") at all, connected to the diaphragm.;

The shoulder girdle consists of the scapula (shoulder blade) and the clavicle ("collar bone").


8 Cranial Bones:external image 12by12_spaces.gif
1 x Ethmoid Bone
1 x Frontal Bone
1 x Occipital Bone
2 x Parietal Bones
1 x Sphenoid Bone
2 x Temporal Bones
33 Spinal Bones:external image 12by12_spaces.gif
33 x Vertebrae, including:
1 x Atlas (1st Vertebra), and
1 x Axis (2nd Vertebra).


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