The Way The Body Works
Our body is made up of many systems that helps our body to function correctly. Here are some like Digestive, Respiratory, Circulatory, Nervous, Muscular, Skeletal and more. These are just some of the main functions. The Circulatory System main structure is the heart, which helps pump blood through our body and to our lungs. To keep your heart healthy you need to keep the blood in your body clean. So in order The Digestive System main structure is the stomach, this organ helps break down the food in the body that helps us grow. In order to keep our stomachs functioning right you need to eat healthy foods and drink healthy liquids. The Nervous Systems main structure is the main function of the body, it controls your moving and thinking. In order to keep this healthy you don't need to smoke, drink or damage your body in any other harmful way. The Skeletal System main structure is the bones, this is what helps us move and protects our organs. To keep this system healthy you need to exercise daily to keep them strong. The Muscular Systems main structure is the muscles, this helps us to do the simplest things like smile and move. To keep this healthy you can also exercise daily to make us stronger. The Respiratory System main structure is the lungs, this helps us breath. To keep this healthy you need to prevent smoking also.

Digestive System
The Digestive Systems main organ is the stomach and the purpose of this organ is to break down our food into energy. The organs that help make up this system are the mouth, esophagus, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, large intestine, small intestine and rectum. This starts at the mouth and ends and the anus. Once its in the mouth your teeth and saliva helps break it down so that it can move down your throat to the esophagus into the stomach. Once its there the food begins to mix with stomach acids and enzymes. It moves into the intestines where most of this happens. The liver makes fluid called bile. The pancreas helps send out the nutritions food to the rest of your body through the blood stream, the blood stream sends the fats, proteins, carbohydrates and sugar to the liver to remove the harmful stuff. And whats not needed then travels to the large intestine were feces are formed and travels to the rectum which lets it all out through the anus! This system also works with the Circulatory System. A disorder of the stomach could be an ulcer.

Respiratory System
The Respiratory Systems main organs are the lungs and the purpose of these organs is so that we can breathe. The other organs that help make up this system are the trachea, lungs, bronchioles, and the diaphragm. You start by breathing in oxygen through your trachea which travels through the bronchioles. The muscle between your lungs and stomach, called the diaphragm, starts to contract because your lungs expand. Once you breathe out your diaphragm relaxes and pushes the air out your lungs up through the trachea. This system also works with the Circulatory System. A disorder of the lungs could be bronchitis.

Circulatory System
The Circulatory Systems main organ is the heart and the purpose of our heart is so that we can LIVE! The other parts that helps make up this organ are arteries, veins, chambers, valves and vessels. There are 4 chambers:The Right & Left Atrium and The Right & Left Ventricle. The right side of your heart receives oxygen poor blood from the body to the lungs to get rid of carbon dioxide. The left side is oxygen rich which receives blood from the lungs to send back into the body. There are 4 valves: Pulmonary valve, Aortic valve, Tricuspid valve, and Mitral valve. The beating of your heart is the sound of these valves opening and closing. When you take your blood pressure it is the measurement of the force of blood as it goes through your arteries. This system also works with the Respiratory System. A disease of the heart could be an heart attack.

Nervous System
The nervous system main organ is the brain and the purpose is so that you can think, move and breathe. Some of the other parts that help make this up are the spinal cord and all the other nerves in your body. The brain makes up the nervous system and there are billions of nerves in your brain. The different parts of your brain is the cerebrum, which controls your speaking, thinking and move. The cerebellum controls your balance. The thalamus carries message from 5 sensory organs: Tongue, Eyes, Skin, Ears, and Nose. The brain stem controls breathing heart beating and digestion and it connects the brain to the spinal cord. The spinal cord is were the messages are carried to and from the brain. This system works well with the Circulatory, Digestive, and Respiratory System. A disorder could be mental retardation.

Skeletal System
The skeletal system main organ is the 206 bones in your body and the purpose is so that you can move and also to protect some of your organs. The is the skull, which protects the brain. The ribs, which protects your lungs. The sternum, which protects the heart. And the others that help you mover are the Clavicle, Spin, Radius, Ilium, Femur, Tibia, and Fibula.