Damion Watson

The human body is a magnificent creation it has many cells and organs and bones that work together in a community so they can survive. As you think of the world today the civilizations and how Humans live and interact with each other. Its just the same inside the of the human body. There are "People" in the body known as the cell in the body. A bacteria is a "Criminal" in the body. and the Antibodies are "Police or Soldier". There relate to each other because when a bacteria comes into the equation it is targeted by the antibodies and killed or arrested just like as if a criminal had robbed a bank if its a big enough threat then is is killed or arrested and sent to jail.

The Bone marrow in the body in in the bones. Deep down in the bones. It make the blood in the body. with having good bones comes good blood. The body is one big Domino effect. When one thing thats big Fails it spreads through out the body. B´╗┐ecause what every was depending on that one part of the body is going to fail because of its sources failure and it becomes and ongoing everlasting effect. But that why there is medicine that is the "Doctors" when you take them.

The Digestive System is a long long journey throughout the entire body. Its like a story of a Prince going through harsh conditions to get to his princess and has to fight a dragon when he gets there. But instead of a prince it is Food. Nothing comes thought the body and is unchanged just about every single thing in the body is changed and formed into something new. So it can be in use for the body. The body can use it for nutrients and fibers and many other things and it throws away the waste.

The Respiratory System is where all of the oxygen comes from. With out oxygen the cells wouldn't work they would just die off and they could reproduce and build and grow their "communities". The food that you had ate would not have turned into energy for the body can use so you would die form lack of Energy, Food, Blood in the Brain and many more. When you breath the oxygen goes to your lungs. The Heart pumps the blood through the lungs to recieve the oxygen and goes through out the body to deliver the oxygen just like a "Mailman or "Milkman" going door to door delivering and selling to the costumer.

The Circulatory System is the delivery of the oxygenate blood throughout the body, It delivers just like a mail man to the Organs so they can live. The oxygen iis like food for the organs.
The Nervous System
The Muscular System
The Skeletal System